Photography and Co-Creative Direction for Purr—debut album and visual campaign.
4x5, 120mm & Polaroid, 2019.

Photography for Virtually There—a performance inspired by Oskar Schlemmer's Triadic Ballet.
35mm & Digital, 2016.

Photography for Welles—debut single and visual campaign.
35mm & 4x5, 2017.

Featured in Interview Magazine.
Photography for LPX—debut singles and visual campaign.
35mm & Digital, 2017.

Premiered in The Fader and featured in Saint Heron.
Photography for Chris McClenney—Portrait in Two campaign.
Digital, 2017.

A Light That Never Goes Out
4x5, 2015.

Structured Chaos
4x5, 2014.

November Eleventh
Digital, 2013.